What is a Sheeter?

Sheeting is the process of cutting paper or other similar materials into specific lengths and widths. Sheeters can take large rolls and create smaller sheets of material for any needs.

Some machines can only do length and width cuts separately. While others can do both simultaneously.

Our sheeters can come with add-ons for stacking.

Sheeters can feed rolls of material or run in-line to convert the output of an extruder, calender, laminator or other web equipment.

The resulting sheets can be the end product or more commonly are used in a sheet-fed manufacturing or packaging process such as:

Laminated glass, auto interiors, medical devices, digital printing, and composite products are the most common uses.

In addition to cutting to length, our sheeters can be equipped with slitters to cut to width at the same time.

Other add-ons such as rewinding for long sheets and automatic stacking are common.

Common Materials

Many different types of products can be sheeted. Most of these products are made with:

Rosenthal Manufacturing Sheeters

RCE Sheet Dispenser/Cutter

RCE sheet cutter

This compact sheeting machine can handle small rolls and turn them into whatever length sheets you need.

RCS Heavy Duty

up cut sheeter

This sheeter is built to handle the rigors of 24/7 operation in an industrial environment. Many options and upgrades available such as slitting, high capacity unwinds and multiple unwinds.

RCH High Precision

high precision sheeting machine

When length precision is critical, program this machine to cut sheets into whatever size you need with precision and speed.

Heavy-duty, high precision and configurable with even more options and upgrades. Add options such as cut to mark, automatic stacking and precision pick and place.

RCX Cross Cut Jumbo Width Capacity

jumbo cross cut sheeter

For rolls wider than 120 inches, this sheeter is the perfect sheeter for your application.

We have many options and upgrades available.

Watch our Sheeter with Conveyor Stacker in action: 

For more videos, check out our YouTube page.