Slitter Rewinder

Efficient Slitter & Rewinder In One

Model: SRD

The Rosenthal Slitter Rewinder is equipped with cantilevered differential rewind shafts that smoothly and consistently rewind a wide variety of laminates. This machine will give you high-quality results without a high-speed price tag.

The Slitter Rewinder is designed for applications in the 500 feet per minute production range. Our advanced tension control system comes with differential rewind shafts, and the intuitive controls and color touchscreen make operation a breeze.

The Slitter Rewinder is built-to-order and available in various web width and outer diameter (OD) capacities. Explore our Lay-On Rollers, Auto Cut-Off, and Razor, Score, Shear Slitting, and other add-ons below.


The Rosenthal Slitter Rewinder will work with most specialty materials and materials used with flexible packaging, including:

  • Fabric
  • Film
  • Foils
  • Non-Wovens
  • Paper
  • Prepegs

Please contact us to send a sample roll for testing, or if you have any questions about your material’s suitability.


Unit PriceStarting at $125,000
Maximum Roll Diameter18″, 24″, 40″
Maximum Web Width36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″, 126″
Maximum Web SpeedUp To 500 Feet Per Minute
Slitting MethodRazor, Score, or Shear
Cantilevered Rewind ShaftsDifferential Shafts for 3″ Inner Diameter (ID) Cores
Unwind Roll Diameter18″, 24″, 36″, 40″

Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change. Performance is material-dependent as the machine stops to cut, and maximum feed speed is affected by material characteristics. Please request a quote for more detailed information, or learn more about our custom order options.

Add-On Options

Edge Guide

Adjust for Telescoped Rolls

Auto Cut-Off

Automated Cutting at Desired Length

Lay-On Rollers

For Flattening Materials on Top of Rewound Rolls

Drop-In Rewind Shafts

For Heavy Rolls


Slitter Rewinder

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