Converting Solutions by Rosenthal Manufacturing

Built-to-order industrial sheeting, stacking, winding, and slitting machines

Precision at the Cutting Edge

Originally established in 1948 as Rosenthal Sheeters, Rosenthal Manufacturing has long since expanded its core offerings to include stacking, winding, unwinding, slitting, and custom machinery tailor-made to suit your project’s specific needs. With over 75 years of industry experience and engineering know-how, Rosenthal Manufacturing is here to build you the converting equipment you need to get the job done with efficiency and extreme precision.

Rosenthal Converting Equipment


Fast, Accurate Sheets On Demand

Quickly cut your materials into the size sheets you need with Rosenthal’s high-precision, durable industrial sheeters.

Starting at $30,000

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Stack Sheets of All Material Types

Quickly stack your sheeter machine’s output in neat, accurate piles with Rosenthal’s state-of-the-art, automated stackers.

Starting at $165,000

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Winders & Applicators

Convert Longer Rolls into Shorter Rolls

Efficiently wind, unwind, or rewind your materials using Rosenthal’s automated winders. Automatically apply tape with our tape applicator add-on.

Starting at $8,000

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Slit Large Rolls into Any Width

Trim your material without needing to wind and unwind rolls while preserving edge quality with Rosenthal’s reliable, accurate slitters.

Starting at $10,000

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Custom Converting Solutions

While our machines’ designs are intricate and the problems we solve may be complex, Rosenthal Manufacturing’s ethos remains simple: a dedication to providing you the highest level of personalized service. This entails developing and building fully customized machines to solve your unique production challenges. Learn more about how our design, engineering, and technical support teams work together to provide you with the perfect converting solution.

Made in the USA Since 1948

Rosenthal Manufacturing is a third-generation family-owned business. We proudly design and build all of our machinery in our 50,000-square-foot facility in Northbrook, Illinois, USA. Our team consists of industry veterans with decades of experience and applied expertise.

Installations Worldwide

Years of Experience

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Dedicated Technical Support

The Rosenthal family is dedicated to helping you get decades of reliable use from your machine. With over 75 years of experience, our technical experts have seen and solved it all. We encourage you to contact our technical support team if at any time you have any questions about your machine.

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Have questions about your material or our machines? We’d be glad to answer them and assist you in whatever way you need. Fill out our contact form and a Rosenthal team member will get back to you right away.