Cross Cut Sheeter

Heavy Duty, Versatile Sheeter

Model: MSH

The Rosenthal Cross Cut Sheeter quickly converts materials of all widths into smaller-sized rolls according to your requirements. This powerful machine comes equipped with a reciprocating cross-cutting mechanism that reliably delivers a clean cut on a range of different materials.

The Cross Cut Sheeter is built-to-order and available in a variety of web width and unwind capacities. Like all of our machines, a range of add-on options are available to maximize efficiency and savings. For example, the Slitting add-on option gives you the ability to easily cut your sheets down to a particular length and width at the same time. Browse our other add-on options below.


The Cross Cut Sheeter will work with most flexible materials, including:

  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Fiberglass
  • Film
  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Prepreg
  • Pressure Sensitive Vinyl
  • Rubber

Please contact us to send a sample roll for testing, or if you have any questions about your material’s suitability.


Unit PriceStarting at $100,000
Maximum Web Width36″ – 197″
Maximum Web SpeedUp To 140 Feet Per Minute
Cutting MethodReciprocating Cross Score or Shear
RepeatabilityUp to +/- 1/32″, +/- 1/64″
Maximum Roll Weight500 lbs, 750 lbs, 2,000 lbs, 4,000 lbs
Feed LengthInfinitely Adjustable
ControlPLC With Color Touchscreen

Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change. Performance is material-dependent as the machine stops to cut, and maximum feed speed is affected by material characteristics. Please request a quote for more detailed information, or learn more about our custom order options.

Add-On Options


Razor, Score, Shear, or Ultrasonic

Cut to Mark

Trim Printed Media


Reduce Material Curl

Edge Guide

Adjust for Telescoped Rolls


Quick Change and High-Capacity Unwind Stands


Gripper Stacker, Conveyor Stacker, Pick and Place Stacker

Output Conveyor

36″ – 120″+


Cross Cut Sheeter with gripper stacker

Cross Cut Sheeter powered blade

Cross Cut Sheeter with reciprocating cross-cut

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