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Slit Rolls Fast

Standard size rolls don t always match your requirements Custom width rolls can cost more and require extra planning Improvising with a bandsaw is messy and not very safe You need the right equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Rosenthal RS Manual Roll Slitter is the perfect solution for quickly slitting wide rolls into narrower rolls. Our machines come with various options that improve your particular project.

Lock your roll into place with the patented expansion ring. Position the proprietary blade holder and quickly slit through your roll.

Go layer by layer down through the core without unwinding and rewinding. This process eliminates time-consuming setups.

An all-welded heavy-duty steel frame means your roll slitter will be tough enough to handle just about anything you throw its way. It will deliver years of dependable service.

The RS roll slitter is built to order and is available in various web width and OD capacities.

Additional features such as rewinding and dual blade configurations are available.

Designed and built in the USA, the Rosenthal RS roll slitter is the perfect choice to quickly, inexpensively and safely slit your stock width rolls into any width you need.

We have other slitter machine options available as well. We build each machine with the same care and quality as the RS roll slitter. These machines include:

Want to learn more about slitters? Check out our Introduction to Slitting!



Maximum Roll OD 8" or 12"
Maximum Web Width 62", 74, 98", 126", 197"
Mandrel Speed 400 rpm
Slitting Method Round Blade
Cantilevered Mandrel Diameter 3", 2"
Roll Locking Patented Lift and Lock Expansion Ring
Blade Depth Adjustable Manual Stop


Roll Loading Roller Table
Variable Speed Drive 0-400 rpm
Roll Stand Cantilevered or Drop in Shaft
Heavy Duty Legs with Locking Casters .
Drop In Mandrel For Heavy Rolls
Digital Yardage Counter with Auto Stop Rewind with Optional Variable Speed and Unwind
Lathe Style Chuck For Small ID Cores


Most flexible materials including: Paper, film, pressure sensitive vinyl, rubber, felt, tape. Please send sample roll for testing.

Rosenthal Manufacturing has nearly 70 years of experience designing and building high quality converting equipment. We make all our equipment in America. Our experience allows us to provide your company with best in class designs. They are easy to use and will deliver years of cost-saving performance.

Disclaimer: *Specifications are subject to change. Performance is material-dependent. Please request a quotation for the latest information. We recommend sending a full OD sample roll of your material for testing the suitability of this system. Material sent for testing is at the sender's expense and risk.

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