Cross Web Tape Application

The Rosenthal Cross Web Tape Applicator will quickly apply a strip of double sided tape on the trailing or leading edge of your material.? Each system is built to order and is available?in various web width and unwind?capacities.

The Rosenthal Tape Applicator can be provided as a modular plug in station to integrate with your production equipment or part of a Rosenthal system with additional features such as unwinding, cut to length, cut to mark, inkjet printing, slitting, decurling and rewinding.

Designed and built in the USA, the Rosenthal Tape Applicator is the perfect choice to automate the application of tape required for your sheet or web application. See other Custom Products.

Versatile Sheeter

The Rosenthal RCX Adjustable Angle Sheeter will feed, measure and cut your material at the desired length into a trapezoid, parallelogram or square blank.

The reciprocating cutting mechanism is available as a crush cut or shear cut and delivers a clean cut on a?wide variety of materials.? The cut angle is automatically adjustable from +45 degrees to -45 degrees.

The RCS is built to order and is available in various web width and unwind capacities. Additional features such slitting and stacking are available. See other Custom Products.


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