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Trivision TrimmerTrivision Trimmer

Smartrim Trivision Trimmer Product Specifications

Rosenthal’s Smartrim Trivision Trimmer enables you to quickly and cost effectively prepare graphics for use in 3 way signs and billboards. Accurately convert master rolls of graphics or press sheets into any width and length strips required for your signs.

Each Smartrim is built to order and custom configured to deliver optimal results for your application. The Smartrim Trivision optional features include sheet fed operation, auto roll-up and overlaminate application.

These high quality systems are designed and built in the USA and incorporate the
latest technology to eliminate material waste and reduce labor.

Information shown here applies to standard configuration for 72" width capacity.

Cutting Technology

  • Proprietary scissors action (up cut self sharpening) shear cutting mechanism
  • Blades are spring loaded with adjustable cutting force to maximize blade life
  • D2 stainless steel blades can be re-sharpened, blade life varies by material
  • Heavy duty score slitters can be adjusted to trim any width strips
  • Cleanly cuts PVC, paper, styrene, vinyl and many other materials

Control Station

  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Sheet length is variable from 3.0" to 999.9"
  • Strip width is variable from 1.5"—Air operated slitters manually adjustable
  • The sheeter feeds material until the cut mark is reached, stops and cuts
  • Automatic mode sheets material until the end of roll or until the batch is satisfied
  • Single Sheet Operation with button or foot pedal.

Drive System

  • Vector drive or optional servo drive
  • Chain drive system
  • In feed nip pull system
  • Cut length tolerance on stable materials ± 1/32"

Unwind, Material/Handling

  • Roll width capacity up to 96"
  • Automatic edgeguide
  • Decurling
  • 500lb capacity—1.5" Solid with 3" expanding chuck
  • Dancer with tension brake on unwind


  • Maximum feed speed 150 FPM
  • Machine stops to cut for 3/4 second—total FPM varies by sheet length
  • Trim a 15 foot long panel into 3 5/8" wide strips in just seconds

Common Options

  • Auto adjustable slitting
  • Inkjet labeling system
  • Output conveyor
  • Sheet feed option
  • Auto alignment station for inline trimming
  • Laminator—apply protective film to paper based products
  • Roll up system
  • Stand alone assembly table for joining paper panels
  • Stand alone sheet fed slitter
  • Custom sizes available

Rosenthal Manufacturing designs and builds automation systems for converting rolls to sheets, wide rolls into narrower rolls, long rolls into shorter rolls, large sheets into smaller sheets and custom converting equipment. These systems are commonly referred to as sheeters, slitters, slitter rewinders, roll slitters, stackers, unwinds, roll stands, rewinds, graphics trimmers, panel cutters, lay-up systems, log slitters, bologna slitters and sheet cutters.

Send us a sample roll of your material and we will gladly test it for you on one of our systems: adhesive vinyl, tape, premask, wovens, non-wovens, banner, awning, tent, fabric, leather, suede, film, foam, foam tape,felt, gasket, rubber, paper, PVC, polyester, polyethelene, polyurethane, copper foil, prepreg, PVB, EVA, paper and many other materials.