MSH Sheeter

Rosenthal MSH Sheeter Product Specifications

Specifications subject to change. Standard configuration. Machines are built to order and can be custom configured.

Cutting Technology

  • Reciprocating rotary wheel cuts quickly and cleanly
  • Rides on a heavy duty linear slide with cog belt life tested for 100,000,000 operations
  • Available as score cut (1000lbs/in²) or shear cut
  • Propriatary blade carriage allows for quick blade change
  • Vector drive on cut
  • Bidirectional cutting
  • Perfing blades available

Control Station

  • Electronic control with 8 memory presets for entering sheet length and batch count.
  • Sheet length is variable from 3.0" to 999.9"
  • The Sheeter feeds material until a user defined length is reached, stops and cuts.
  • Automatic mode sheets material until the batch is satisfied.
  • Single Sheet Operation with button or foot pedal.
  • Optional PLC Upgrade available.

Drive System

  • DC Motor with clutch brake
  • Chain Drive system
  • Rubberized Neoprene Drive roll
  • Cut Length Tolerance on stable materials ±16" for 36" long sheet

Unwind, Material/Handling

  • Roll width capacity 24" to 180"
  • Built to order in 12" increments
  • 750b capacity — 3" Air Shaft with safety chuck
  • Dancer with tension brake on unwind


  • Maximum feed speed 150 FPM
  • Machine stops to cut for 1 second — total FPM varies by sheet length
  • 21 pieces per minute 60" in length on light material (cut time 2/3 second)

Common Options

  • Slitting—Razor, Score, Shear, Hot, Digital Position Readout, Trim removal
  • Output—Auto Stackers, Lowering Table, Doubling Bar
  • Rewind—Rewind partial or full web
  • Unwinds—Up to 4000lb capacity, driven unwinds, multiple unwinds, shaftless unwinds, cradle unwinds, Roll Carousel, Auto threading
  • PLC Upgrade—Allen Bradley Control Logics PLC with Panel View Display

Rosenthal Manufacturing designs and builds automation systems for converting rolls to sheets, wide rolls into narrower rolls, long rolls into shorter rolls, large sheets into smaller sheets and custom converting equipment. These systems are commonly referred to as sheeters, slitters, slitter rewinders, roll slitters, stackers, unwinds, roll stands, rewinds, graphics trimmers, panel cutters, lay-up systems, log slitters, bologna slitters and sheet cutters.

Send us a sample roll of your material and we will gladly test it for you on one of our systems: adhesive vinyl, tape, premask, wovens, non-wovens, banner, awning, tent, fabric, leather, suede, film, foam, foam tape,felt, gasket, rubber, paper, PVC, polyester, polyethelene, polyurethane, copper foil, prepreg, PVB, EVA, paper and many other materials.